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About this experience

At Wild Life Distillery (WLD), our approach to producing great craft spirits is set on a foundation of quality and authenticity. We use our Distillery as the medium to connect these values to everything that we do: the clean mountain water we use; the local grain we source; the small batch sizes we produce; our attention to detail; and the community of like-minded individuals that surrounds us, are all part of the WLD process. Every aspect of this reinforces our view of what it means to be craft. This is further reflected in who we are and the way we live. We work hard to ensure that WLD produces only the highest quality products and are eager to share this passion for quality craftsmanship with you.
Maximum 6 per group.

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Wild Life Distillery believes in genuine experiences. We exist because our passion for the Bow Valley, and creating regional spirits in this environment drove us to start this business. Our Alberta grain-based spirits are the medium we use to translate this passion into products. We are unapologetically authentic from top to bottom; from the grain to bottle; from Banff to Canmore (and beyond of course). We are #WLDspirits. We hope you will share this passion.