About Us

Why Hoppy Pass?

Hoppy Pass believes that some of the best moments in life happen when people come together around the table. From taprooms to tasting rooms, our goal has always been to create that connection of shared adventure through the ultimate craft tasting and tour experiences. 

For consumers, this will give them the ability to book brewery and distillery tours and tastings with confidence, knowing that they will be getting the quality of a Hoppy Pass experience. Utilizing the Hoppy Pass platform will encourage consumers to access the wide network of breweries and distilleries we service, thus supporting and growing the industry as a whole. Hoppy Pass can be part of a great date night, a fun group experience, a way to explore a new city, or as a fantastic gift. 

For our partners, Hoppy Pass provides every brewery and distillery with the training and tools necessary to make every tour and tasting they do a memorable branding experience, while also providing them with the marketing and promotional activations that will fill their establishments with future loyal consumers.  

Hoppy Pass gives breweries and distilleries the tools to build their businesses efficiently and effectively. Not only will Hoppy Pass facilitate the best tasting and tour experiences - they will continue to seek out new ways to enhance our partner’s businesses so they can thrive and grow.

Have questions or want to learn more? Reach out to us at: hello@hoppypass.com.